Super Sunday Hamster Blender Blog

06 December 2005

We Are, Therefore We Scurry

If you have taken the opportunity to actually listen to the music of Super Sunday Hamster Blender, you will typically come to one of the following conclusions -

a) we are truly limited on talent
b) amusing, possibly; but are they done yet?
c) isn’t Family Guy on?
d) what the hell is this? I was searching for “Super Saucy Hungarian Bimbos.”

This is not a self-pitying rationalization; rather, it helps explain why the Blender even exists. We do not feel sorry for ourselves, nor are we looking for hand-outs of compliments and re-assurances. We exist because of ourselves. We have a web site because we do have a bit of an ego. Plus, we plan on posting lots of pictures of our friends, and people in our little circle of hamsters are easily amused.

We have no plans to play out, as we are not gluttons for self-ridicule. Not saying it won’t ever happen, but it is certainly not a goal. We have found a creative and social outlet in which we fester; we get together for about three hours, a few times a month, and try to create a single song in that time period. Or a single mass of noise. A single mess of noise, perhaps.

I have to admit, this is awesome group of guys to do this with; it is exceptionally ego-free, and every idea we move upon like Cruise on Holmes (Larry, not Katie). We do not go for perfection, and we like to keep the songs short to force ourselves to a rapid completion. Our roles are fluid, we exchange instruments (but not fluids), and there are absolutely no theatrics within the band despite all the unrestrained flirting and pillow talk.

We are too sexy for this band. That we acknowledge.

I, personally, like to look to the Ramones for inspiration. As the story goes, they tried to be a cover band (Beach Boys songs!), and couldn’t figure out how to play them. Undaunted, they made up their own. Never mind the chainsaw guitars and two-minute songs that arguably instigated the punk revolution from which a thousand bands today rally around, but it’s the attitude that they did it themselves in spite of alleged stereotypical limitations. In that age of long-winded guitar solos and pompous band dramatics, they eschewed glamour for passion and the will to play.

Obviously, they never enjoyed real commercial success, so they did it for the love of their craft. Obviously, we will never enjoy commercial success, and we do it for the love of creation.

Rayve E. made the observation in our first session together, which I will paraphrase here – “This is great! We are doing this just for fun, and it is not spoiled by the pressures of trying to make money.”

Exactly. If anything, we are pure, like a hamster. If anything, we harmless, like a hamster. If anything, we are wide-eyed, like the hamster.

If anything, hamsters only live for 2-3 years.